Product Patents

360 degree rotating water valve spool

Energy-saving anti-scalding ceramic valve core with hot water two-stage prompt function

Single handle switch double opening and closing ceramic valve core

Ceramic valve core with water control function

Side entry non-ceramic valve with drinking water function

Hot and cold faucet pressure flat spool

Self-lubricating ceramic pressure-balanced ceramic valve core for hot and cold water tap

Two-stage water-saving anti-scalding ceramic valve core

Two-stage hot and cold water ceramic valve core

Two-stage water-saving ceramic valve with upper side water outlet

Energy-saving ceramic valve core with water supply and water saving on the upper side

Four-hole ceramic spool with direct drinking water

Ceramic spool base without locating feet

Rotary water distribution valve spool with closed function

Anti-scalding silent two-stage ceramic valve core

Restricted rotary water distribution valve spool

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